Sony NEX-5R


Mirrorless Digital Camera is the newest version of the Sony Replacement Sony NEX-5N camera, the Sony NEX-5R is an NEX camera family developed its capabilities in the field of photography and camera features and more.

Camera Sony NEX-5R features a sensor resolution of 16.1 megapixels APS-C size delivers the software’s equivalent Camera DSLR and a camera Mirrorless first version of the Sony-led technology Fast Hybrid AF used by to help. autofocus works faster with its autofocus. phase-detection 99-point AF system. contrast-detection together.


The Sony NEX-5R camera also comes with Wi-Fi built-in, which can share photo files to another device such as a mobile phone mailboxes Judaism. With apps length PlayMemories compatible operating systems Android and iOS, as well as the ability to upload images to Facebook instantly through applications in camera PlayMemories including applications with other users. work within the camera.


Sony NEX-5R also improve the folding twist LCD screen with 180-degree digital water level gauges. Can shoot video resolution. 1920×1080 @ 60p.


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